Thanks For The Miele Vacuum Payment Plan

Hello Scott & Haz,

Marty and I used the vacuum and it is really excellent. It made our carpets look so much better.

It was easy to use and did a very nice job! All the features were very useful and well designed.

I did manage to use the electric head on setting 2 and it worked well, possibly because I could take longer strokes as was not on a smaller area rug. We used suction of 6 and it really fluffed up the carpet fibers.

It worked very well on area rugs too, with a lower suction setting.

The wand retracted well and the heads were easily changed out.

The little attachment to do the stairs worked very well also and I like the fact that this vacuum can stand up on its side and still operate.

The hose retractor is also amazing!

Can’t wait to buy the HEPA for an even cleaner air experience, once we can afford it.

I still would like the wand and head to be a bit lighter, but the Miele is really a quality unit and we are very glad we purchased it. My hip is a bit sore now, as I actually did a lot of vacuuming today to test my endurance.

At least I know which body part I need to strengthen and will work towards that end.

Thanks to you both for your vast knowledge about this subject and your willingness to share it with us. We appreciate your patience today as we worked through any doubts we had, until we were able to make our decision.

Also thanks for the payment plan, as that was very helpful to us at this time.

I’ll speak to one of you when I call in my payment for April and look forward to buying bags and possibly a lighter upright “stick” unit down the road. Glad you get new things in all of the time.

Of course, I will recommend you highly if the opportunity arises.

Best regards,

Stephanie & Marty T.

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