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Vacuum By Needs

carpet picCarpet Vacuum Cleaners

These vacuums are the best option for users that have carpeting in their homes. Spinning brush rolls on the bottom of these vacuums easily remove debris from your carpet fiber.

Hardwood floor picHard Flooring Vacuums

These selected vacuums are your best performing machines on homes with hard flooring. Powerful suction and specially designed floor tools clean these surfaces with optimal precision.

gog backgroundPet Vacuum Cleaners

Pet owners encounter special cleaning needs that can be met with the purchase of the correct vacuum. Don’t let your pets burden your cleaning tasks.

Dandelion & skyAllergy Vacuum Cleaners

For users with allergies and asthma, look at this informational page. Cleaning your homes floor does not mean your homes air quality has to suffer. We offer many machines that specialize in air filtration.

All vacuum cleaners are designed for different functions. Some are better on hard surfaces while others perform better on carpeting. Other vacuum cleaners are designed for allergy suffers and others pet owners.