Complete C3

Miele’s Complete C3 Series – the pinnacle of performance and convenience:

  • 11 pound canister
  • 36 foot operating radius
  • 5 quart dust bag capacity
  • 1200 Watt maximum motor output
  • Plus – minus (+/-) foot switch or handle controls for suction
  • Models with automatic suction setting
  • Models with electro brush (powered head used on carpets)
  • Models with hard surface specific tools
  • Integrated accessories

Miele’s Complete C3 canister lineup features plus/minus foot switch controls or electronic handle controls depending on the model. These controls are used to vary the speed of the motor and the amount of suction it generates.

The C3 Canister Vacuum Sweeper Series:

  • A comfort handle standard, this handle allows comfortable maneuverability due to a flexible joint.
  • Some models feature an automatic setting the setting allows the Motor canister to automatically adjust speed and suction control with the variance of your floor surface types this provides optimal cleaning performance while using the least amount of energy needed.
  • Silence system/silence system plus prevents disturbance while vacuuming. Silent system plus with encapsulated motor and air tech floor head is even quieter.
  • Convenient cable rewind with single touch function the entire length of the cable can be rebound with a single touch of the foot switch.
  • Dynamic drive castor wheels on some models allow the rubber wheels and castors with soft suspension, gentle maneuverability over thresholds and uneven flooring in your home such as tile or textured hard surfaces.
  • Park system on both sides for easy storage of the suction want and hoes that can be attached securely to the vacuum.
  • All Miele canisters come with a handle with anti-static discharge built into the handle this prevents discharge of static electricity to the earth through the users body.
  • Miele canister vacuums come with a stainless steel telescopic wand for height adjustable flexibility to reach all the different parts of your home.
  • Integrated accessory holder stores all of your attachments conveniently and out of sight. Standard accessories include the upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle and a dusting brush.
  • Miele canisters provide you with an optimal large operating radius of 36 feet no need to worry about changing outlets.
  • Park system, the floor head and suction wand can be parked at the rear of the appliance, some depending on the model will switch off automatically.
  • Locking system, all Miele attachments wands and hoses make a distinct click noise once locked into position to ensure to the user that everything is locked and secure for usage.
  • Furniture protection strip, the rubber bumper strip protects furniture and appliances from accidental collisions and scratches, some models feature a velvet bumper.
  • Gentle start motor, when Miele vacuum cleaners are switched on, power increases gently and gradually to the selected power level – no strain on power supply.
  • Overheating protection, Miele canister vacuum cleaner motors are protected against overheating by an automatic temperature limiter.
  • Warranty: a 7-10 Year Motor and Casing and a 1-5 Year Bumper to Bumper.Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaners Complete C3 and S8 Full model up