Vacuum Cleaners

Miele Canister vs Upright Vacuums


Miele’s goal is to create vacuum cleaners that will suit all of your cleaning needs, the difference between upright and canister vacuum cleaners largely boils down to a consumers personal preference.

Miele Upright Vacuums Advantages:

  • More powerful suction
  • Better for use in larger, open spaces with carpeting and hallways
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • The vacuum is always in front of you to see where and what you are cleaning
  • Has a strong, crush-proof, flexible hose for stationary cleaning and dusting
  • LED Brush Light
  • Dust bags are larger and require less changing
  • Ability to turn the brush roll on and off to move easily between surfaces
  • All the accessory tools are on board and fully integrated, snap into place

Miele Upright Vacuums Disadvantages:

  • It is harder to vacuum stairs
  • Uprights are larger than canisters
  • Uprights are heavier and harder to move up and down stairs and around larger homes
  • If brush roller or another part of the vacuum breaks down, you must take the vacuum in for repair

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