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KitchenAid Mixer Stopped Spinning?

As an authorized KitchenAid stand mixer repair center we see many of the common problems people face with their Kitchen Aid mixers. A very common problem is when the KitchenAid Mixer suddenly stopped spinning also known as the planetary (the part where your tools attach) stops spinning. Most of the time this is repairable and worthwhile to do so too.

To add to the good news, many KitchenAid mixer repairs can also be done inexpensively and they are always guaranteed by our factory trained technicians and staff.
KitchenAid stand mixers are designed with inexpensive fail-safe parts that wear out in order to maintain the life of the more expensive parts such as the motor. Some parts, like one of the gears that spins the mixer, are even designed to wear over time and/or fail under stress.

Come see us with any Kitchen aid or Hobart small appliance repair needs.

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