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IQAir Purifier Perfect 16 Edition

  • Ultra-Long Filter Life – Average filter life is 3 years and may be even longer depending on how you operate your HVAC and Perfect 16 systems.
  • Easy Maintenance – Replace the filters only every 3 years. That’s it. No other maintenance services are required on the unit.
  • Completely Silent – No sound is emitted when the system is running.
  • Requires Zero Power – The Perfect 16 uses no electricity and has the lowest air restriction levels in the industry. That means it will keep your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently, even potentially lowering your energy bill.
  • Swiss-Quality Construction – Swiss construction is a sign of outstanding quality, superior design, innovation, precision, and reliability. Each system is also independently tested and certified against stringent performance standards.
  • 100% Healthy Technology – The Perfect 16 generates no ozone, ionization, ultraviolet radiation, chemicals, or other unhealthy by-products as it cleans the air.
  • Lifetime Clean Air Duct Guarantee – IQAir guarantees that your home’s air ducts will remain free of significant accumulated dust and dirt for as long as you use the Perfect 16.


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IQAir Perfect 16 Denver Colorado

Perfect-16_Straight_WEBWhat the Perfect 16 Can Do For Your Home Purify the air in your entire home with a central air cleaning system. IQAir Perfect 16 utilizes your existing heating/cooling system in your home to distribute purified air to every room in your house. No other air purification system can remove bacteria, pet allergens, mold spores, dust, pollen and other contaminants better than the Perfect 16. Whether you suffer from allergies or asthma or you just want better health, breathe the cleanest air possible with a Perfect 16!



Perfect-16_Filters_WEBHow the Perfect 16 Works Air is drawn through your home’s heating and or cooling systems and then filtered through pleated micro-fiber filtration panels (V2 design). The pleated micro- fiber filtration panels trap harmful micro-particles each time the system heats or cools your home up to 125 times per day. The result, your home is filled with the cleanest air possible!

IQAir Perfect-16 Entire Home System Air PurifierHAPPY home, HAPPY lungs, and a HAPPY wallet…WHATTT?!  Other house air cleaners can interfere the air flow of your central heating and air conditioning system by as much as 50%. This air resistance makes your system work harder and longer to try to force the air through to heat or cool your home. The Perfect 16 is designed to have ultra low air resistance and actually improves the performance efficiency of your heating and cooling system. As a result, the Perfect 16 can lower your energy bill,”Easy to Maintain – No Filter Replacements for 3 Years” (iqair).


New-Edition_Fan_WEBEco Friendly The Perfect 16 is an energy-efficient marvel. It outperforms other air purifiers by far, but uses absolutely no electricity. The Perfect 16 has one of the lowest air restriction levels in the industry, so it keeps your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently.